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Kidney Function can improve.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is very prevalent in the USA. About 37 million have this disorder. It is estimated that 1 in 7 adults (approximately 10%) have this problem. Many people have it, and don’t know they have it. The CDC says that Chronic Kidney Disease is one of the top 10 killers in the USA, before breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Signs of Kidneys that may not be functioning as well as they could be:

  • Bubbles in water after urination – especially in morning
  • Urine production reduced
  • Ammonia taste in mouth
  • Ammonia smell coming off the body
  • Very low energy – especially weak legs
  • Nausea without reason / low appetite
  • Swollen feet
  • Swollen face around the eyes
  • Cold feet
  • Frequent urination

PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys is for people who have Chronic Kidney Disease. It is also very helpful for people who have not been officially diagnosed with CKD, but have weakened kidney function, regardless of the cause.

Many people have reduced kidney function and are not aware of it. It is common for kidney function to grow weaker as we age. Some people in their 40’s may already be experiencing slightly weaker function. People over 50 can many times have weaker function, and most people over 60 will show some signs of reduced function.

Blood work that focuses on the kidneys can be helpful when you are wanting to have a more scientific method of determining how well your kidneys are functioning. Your healthcare practitioner can help you with this.

PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys is a very effective protocol for almost any stage of kidney weakness. Even when kidney function has already reached a very low stage, the meditations and movements taught in PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys can help. This Protocol works at a very fundamental level, encouraging the body to release the specific toxins and stresses which are contributing to the weakness in the kidneys. The protocol also encourages the kidneys to grow strong again.

The Sessions are delivered online using Zoom. Classes range in size from one person to 10, depending on demand. We use three separate sessions to cover, and review the protocol, as well as answer any questions, and provide more details where needed. Length of class is usually 75 - 90 minutes depending on the number of questions. 

The protocol is not difficult to learn, or do. It is a series of guided meditations and simple movements. Even people who have never meditated find it easy to follow along, and let the process unfold. 

After learning the PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys protocol (it is not complicated) a regular review of the material will help to solidify the long term shifts which help support strong, healthy kidney function for a lifetime. 

The cost for your three initial Sessions is $795. 

The material in this protocol is delivered in a way to help meet each individual's needs. The whole protocol will be covered and reviewed before we are done. There will also be ample time for questions and answers, as well as any other clarifications which you feel you need. Energy levels can vary from person to person. You are encouraged to not push or force things if you are feeling tired. 

After your intial first three Sessions, you may review the material. The cost for a review (one 75 minute Session) is $200.

If you have not read through the PMW page you are encouraged to do so. Understanding How and Why PMW works is important.

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