Primoridial Medicine Within

PMW is the medicine
that was built into our body
when we were born.
It is a gift from the creator.
It is preinstalled into every cell
in the body.

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Primordial Medicine Within (PMW) works by waking up specific signals inside the DNA of our body’s cells. The signals which get turned on are the ones which have the ability to instruct the body to heal. Once activated, the signals are then directed to the parts of the body that need help.

These signals are the original medicine built into the body. This medicine is common to all life. It was there when life began, and it still runs through every living thing on this planet.

You have this medicine inside you. I have this medicine inside me. We all have this medicine.

Many people ask 'why doesn't my body heal automatically if I have this function in me?' This is a great question. And sometimes we do heal. Even when it seems there is no possible way to get better, we defy the odds. We defy the experts. We recover. And we live on. 

And to answer the question above a little more thoroughly...  even though we have this powerful medicine in us, it is not necessarily in an active state. Many times we have turned it off through lack of need. Modern scientific discoveries have had a profound impact on how we heal ourselves. Modern medicine has provided us with a plethora of very effective remedies which are at our immediate disposal. We have more and more turned toward modern remedies, and away from our inborn, internal medicines. Because of this, many of our more basic healing functions have turned themselves off. The phrase 'Use it. or Lose it' applies very well here. In turning away from internal remedies we have seemingly lost connection to them. Our body has placed them into a type of hibernation. The good news is, "lost" does not mean "gone". The Programs in PMW help us wake up this medicine. They helps us reconnect to our inborn, internal healing functions.

PMW is not about abandoning, or turning away from modern medicines or modern medical practices. PMW is for those times when all other options have been tried. All the doctors and healers have been seen. All the medicines and remedies have been taken. And more help is still needed. This is when PMW works especially well.

Most the PMW Programs are delivered over three or four separate sessions (depending on the program). The sessions are usually done online via Zoom (in-person sessions are possible in the Austin area for an additional fee). Sessions can be private or group, depending on the number of people who sign up.

You can learn more about PMW at a Free Intro.
Intros are delivered online via Zoom.


PMW Programs

PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys

Kidney Function can improve.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is very prevalent in the USA. It is estimated that 1 in 7 adults (approximately 10%) have this problem. Many people have it, and don’t know they have it.

Signs of kidneys that may not be functioning as well as they could be:

  • Bubbles in water after urination – especially in morning
  • Urine production reduced
  • Ammonia taste in mouth
  • Ammonia smell coming off the body
  • Very low energy – especially weak legs
  • Nausea without reason / low appetite
  • Swollen feet
  • Swollen face around the eyes
  • Cold feet
  • Frequent urination

PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys is for people who have Chronic Kidney Disease. It is also very helpful for people who have not been diagnosed with CKD, but have weakened kidney function, regardless of the cause.

Many people have reduced kidney function and are not aware of it. It is common for kidney function to grow weaker as we age. Some people in their 40’s may already be experiencing slightly weaker function. People over 50 can many times have weaker function, and most people over 60 will show some signs of reduced function.

Blood work that focuses on the kidneys can be helpful when you are wanting to have a more scientific method of determining how well your kidneys are functioning. Your healthcare practitioner can help you with this.

PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys is a very effective Program for almost any stage of kidney weakness. Even when kidney function has already reached a very low stage, the meditations and movements taught in PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys can help. This Program works at a very fundamental level, encouraging the body to release the specific toxins and stresses which are contributing to the weakness in the kidneys. The Program also encourages the kidneys to grow strong again.

Current cost for this Program is $795.


As you can see below there are many PMW Programs, and more being developed as time goes on. I can help you with any of them. Come to one of my Monday night Intros. You will have a chance to asks questions and learn more about how PMW can help you.


PMW Chemo Relief

Chemotherapy doesn't have to be difficult.

PMW Chemo Relief can help with the following symptoms: fatigue, nausea and vomiting, appetite changes, constipation, diarrhea, mouth, tongue, and throat problems such as sores and pain with swallowing. Other problems such as: easy bruising and bleeding, infections, anemia (low red blood cell counts), mood changes, kidney and bladder problems can many times also improve.

*PMW Chemo Relief can be very helpful during the times when you are actively receiving Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy, as well as after your treatments have ended. PMW can help your body detox and clear toxins.

Cost: $795


PMW Radiotherapy Relief

Radiotherapy doesn't have to leave you feeling fatigued, and all worn out.

Symptoms which can be helped: fatigue, sores, pain and dryness in mouth, throat changes (problems swallowing), nausea and vomiting, indigestion, skin changes, headaches, diarrhea.

The difficult side effects associated with Radiotherapy are mostly related to the large amount of energy and heat that is delivered by the radiation. This Program helps the body release the heat and heal the damage caused by the radiation.

Fatigue can be extreme for some people who recieve Radiotherapy treatments. This Program has proven to be very effective at helping to improve energy levels. Some people have even returned to what they consider 'normal energy levels'. Energy levels can improve.

Cost: $990


PMW Parkinson’s Relief

Parkinson’s symptoms can improve.

The earlier a person begins to take action, the better. Early detection is extremely important.

In the first years of Parkinson’s many people attribute their symptoms to natural aging. They don’t get tested. They should. The brain is similar to a muscle. If you exercise it correctly, it is possible to make it stronger, and keep it stronger. It is possible to have some functions return. The brain will continue to age with time, but with the correct stimulation it can stay functioning much longer than a brain that is not exercised. Test early, and take action.

The PMW Parkinson’s Relief Program can possibly help any Parkinson’s patient, at any stage. It is, however, most helpful for those who discover the disease in the early stages, and still have good function. If the weakness is already fairly substantial progress can still be made, although the pace may be slower. The important thing is that many cells are still alive. They may be very weak. Many of them may have stopped working, but they are still alive. As long as the cells are still alive, it is possible to strengthen them. Weak cells can get stronger. Cells can start working again as they get stronger. There is still a lot of potential for improvement. Function can return.

The Program includes instructions on how to perform several basic tests for Parkinson’s. Testing is helpful. It sets a benchmark of your function at the time you did the test. When you test again, you see your progress. This is very helpful.

In addition to the testing, there are meditations and movements. The meditations and movements in this Program are designed to bring more energy to the center part of the brain. To the substantia nigra. We want to revitalize the cells in this area. We want them functioning at a higher level. We also want to help the body release any inflammation, especially in this part of the brain. Inflammation clogs up the system. Like anywhere in the body, inflammation makes things less vital. Less functional. Clearing the inflammation from the center of the brain can be more helpful than most people imagine.

The Parkinson’s Relief Program is not difficult. The meditations are all guided, and movements are straightforward and simple. The more it is done, the better it seems to work. Repetition of the good signals that show up through this Program help to solidify positive momentum. Greater functionality gradually becomes the norm. Further degeneration grinds to a halt. Life gets easier.


PMW Leukemia Relief

This Program is helpful for Lymphoma as well as Leukemia.

PMW Leukemia Relief can help with these symptoms: fatigue, nausea and vomiting, appetite changes, constipation, diarrhea, mouth, tongue, and throat problems such as sores and pain with swallowing. Other problems such as: easy bruising and bleeding, infections, anemia (low red blood cell counts), mood changes, kidney and bladder problems can many times also improve.

This Program is for people who have been diagnosed with Leukemia/Lymphoma and are (or have) receiving Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for their treatment. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments can many times produce heat related symptoms. Heat often shows up as digestive problems (sometimes burning), canker sores, dry mouth, low energy, no saliva and more. The meditations and movements taught in this workshop series will encourage your body to release excess heat, and sooth the symptoms caused by it.

Cost: $795


PMW Pain Relief

You don't have to live in chronic pain.

  • Back pain?
  • Neck pain?
  • Shoulder pain?
  • Tooth pain?
  • Cancer related pain?
  • etc etc etc

PMW Pain Relief is effective for the relief of most pains where there is inflammation and heat. Including chronic joint and muscle pains, pain from physical injury, and pain associated with cancer, and more.

The Program is effective for chronic pain that’s been around for a while. It’s also effective for new pain that just occurred due to an injury or accident, or something else.

The effects of this Program seem to be somewhat similar to those of aspirin for some people. More than one person has commented on how they feel like they have their own personal bottle of pain killer. Available to them anytime, and anywhere.

Cost: $595


PMW Hernia Relief

Our body can fix this problem.

PMW Hernia Relief is for people who are in the beginning stages of a Hernia. 

This Program is not for people who: 

  • have already had surgery to repair their hernia.
  • have tissue which has penetrated (popped through) the inguinal wall, or wall of the abdomen.

Hernia problems are largely a weak muscle problem. If the muscles are healthy and strong and doing their job correctly, then the tissue is much less likely to open. No opening. No hernia. If an opening has occurred then the strengthening of the muscles in that area are a big part of how the body fixes the problem. 

Many people ask… ‘How can my body grow stronger there?’ One of the easiest ways to understand this is to look at athletes. Olympic athletes are good examples. If you take almost any olympic athlete and examine how they train, you will see that they both mentally and physically rehearse their event, over and over. They also do specific strengthening exercises that target the muscles they need to be strong. And of course there is more to it than that, but mental preparation and physical conditioning are the core of most training regiments. The same is true of PMW Hernia Relief. 

If your hernia is in the early stages this Program can be very effective for strengthening the muscles and tissues of the whole lower abdomen, especially the weakened area where the problem is located. Specific visualizations are also used to help all the parts involved rebuild and regenerate. As circulation improves and the muscles and tissues grow stronger, your body heals the problem. Muscles and tissues that were weak and damaged grow strong and healthy again. Symptoms disappear.

If you are not sure which stage your hernia is in, consult your healthcare specialist.

Cost: $695


PMW Anxiety/Stress Relief

You don't have to live with the fear of another Panic Attack.

  • Chronic Stress?
  • Anxiety attacks?
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

PMW Anxiety/Stress Relief is most effective for the relief of extreme Stress and Anxiety. Especially for those people who feel they have nowhere else to turn. They have gone through all the other remedies, and still find themselves suffering. 

Stress and anxiety can be set up in our system in a number of different ways, with many different angles. Linear solutions can work, but many times don’t. PMW Anxiety/Stress Relief includes a number of different forms and meditations. Each of these address the problem from a different perspective. The idea is to go through the entire Program, find which Forms work the best. Then practice these Forms to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes several Forms are helpful, with one or two usually being the most beneficial. The helpful forms become your remedy.

Addressing the problem of Stress and Anxiety in this way is very much like having a personalized remedy tailored just for you. At least that is how it can feel.

The Program is effective for Stress and Anxiety that’s been around for a while. It’s also effective for any stress and anxiety that has recently shown up.

Cost: $595


Some of the other PMW Programs include: PMW Allergy Relief, PMW Breast Health, and more coming...


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