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Parkinson’s symptoms can improve.

The earlier a person begins to take action, the better. Early detection is extremely important.

In the first years of Parkinson’s many people attribute their symptoms to natural aging. They don’t get tested. They should. The brain is similar to a muscle. If you exercise it correctly, it is possible to make it stronger, and keep it stronger. It is possible to have some functions return. The brain will continue to age with time, but with the correct stimulation it can stay functioning much longer than a brain that is not exercised. Test early, and take action.

The PMW Parkinson’s Relief protocol can possibly help any Parkinson’s patient, at any stage. It is, however, most helpful for those who discover the disease in the early stages, and still have good function. The protocol includes instructions on how to test for Parkinson’s. Testing is helpful. It sets a benchmark of your function at the time you test. When you test again, you see your progress. This is very helpful.

In addition to the testing, there are meditations and movements. The meditations and movements in this protocol are designed to bring more energy to the center part of the brain. To the substantia nigra. We want to revitalize the cells in this area. We want them functioning at a higher level. We also want to help the body release any inflammation, especially in this part of the brain. Inflammation clogs up the system. Like anywhere in the body, inflammation makes things less vital. Less functional. Clearing the inflammation from the center of the brain can be more helpful than most people imagine.

The Parkinson’s Relief protocol is not difficult. The meditations are all guided, and the movements are straightforward and simple. The more it is done, the better it seems to work. Repetition of the good signals that show up through this protocol help to solidify positive momentum. Better functionality gradually becomes the norm. Further degeneration grinds to a halt, or at the very least, slows down. Life gets easier.

It is very helpful to have a good, clear understanding of Primordial Medicine Within. The more you know the better. The PMW page has more detailed information about PMW, and how it works. It is good idea to read through this page.

The initial workshop series is three sessions. The sessions are delivered online, via Zoom. They are private. Each session will be tailored/paced to you, and your energy levels for that particular day. 

Cost for three sessions is $720. After the initial three sessions, followup sessions (one hour) are available at a rate of $200 each.


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